Transmission Service

We can take a look under the hood

When did you have your transmission serviced?

Why should I have my cars transmission serviced?
To keep your transmission in top running form, RVO Automatics &  Performance Transmissions recommend servicing your transmission every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres – or whichever occurs first.  This recommendation also includes vehicles that have prolonged factory service intervals.  Many of the vehicles we see have never been serviced and are usually in for serious repairs which could have been prevented with regular maintenance.  

Here’s a more thorough description of what’s involved in a Transmission Service?

1. We test drive the vehicle prior to servicing
We always invite our clients to join us on the test drive so we can get any feedback on problems or abnormalities they may have experienced in the past regarding their transmission.

2. We inspect the transmission on the hoist
Our qualified technicians will then hoist your vehicle and compose a full inspection of the transmission, focusing and reporting any leaks, or loose / missing items. If we find any abnormalities, no additional work will be performed unless fully authorised by the client.

3. Replacement of transmission fluid, fluids filter, pan gasket
We use genuine factory recommended fluids which won’t void your new car manufactures warranty.

4. Adjustment of transmission bands (if required)
Your transmission bands can wear over time, and adjustment of the bands will ensure a smooth change of gears on your automatic transmission. This is another great reason to get your transmission serviced and inspected by us.

Latest Technologies
We use the very latest in diagnostic equipment to provide customers with exceptional service even in solving those hard to find problems that can often occur.

Whilst your transmission is being serviced (usually takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour*) you can wait in our waiting area and help yourself to a cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of tea.

Computer Calibration / Diagnostic Report
Some cars require calibration of your transmission computer. We utilise the very latest calibration technology. Please note calibration may incur an additional charge.

*4wd and European vehicles may take longer

Transmission Rebuilds

We take care for your vehicle

Transmission Rebuilds
All automatic transmissions are put though a step-by-step procedure.

Highly Modified and Custom Transmissions

First we dismantle the transmission unit to its bare core, then thoroughly clean & inspect the unit before reassembling all parts with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) parts to factory blueprint specifications.

Stockist for TCE High stall Torque Converters or Custom to suit your applications.

Transmission Sales & Exchange Units.

For your added convenience, We stock a wide range of auto transmissions, that can be installed in your vehicle as an exchange unit.

This reduces customer wait time as we understand how important your car is to you in today’s busy environment.

Just drive in. Leave us your car and our qualified technicians will have you back on the road before you know it.

Performance Transmission

We can fine-tune your car


Whether you own a hot rod, street car or drag racing car, you expect peak performance. The right auto transmission is crucial to this. RVO Automatics & Performance Transmissions, based in Dandenong  , will make sure you have the best auto transmission for the best performance. Holden, Ford, Chev, Chrysler – you name it, RVO Automatics will give your car the strength it needs for your personal set-up and application.


  • What type of car do you have?
  • What horsepower?
  • What do you want to do with the car?

David , at RVO Automatics , will then build you a custom automatic transmission to suit the performance you demand from your car. Custom transmissions are built on site with first class workmanship and only the highest quality performance parts.

Even if you think getting the best performance out of your car transmission might be difficult, you’ll be surprised at what David can do!

RVO Automatics can also give you different levels of performance options to match your budget.

For Dandenong  and nearby customers, RVO Automatics is conveniently located in Dandenong . For hot rod and street car enthusiasts further afield, talk to Brett and he will help you determine exactly what you need and want.


Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that


We stock a large range of new and used transmission parts which we supply to the mechanical trade, or those who wish to simply have a go on their own cars.

We can supply you with the following automatics transmission parts and accessories:

– transmission parts
– complete rebuilds
– gaskets
– transmission oils (synthetic & non-synthetic )
– oil cooler units
– filters
– performance shifters (B&M)
– performance parts

All our parts sales are backed with our technical service and advice.